Quackers Video Production

  Films that can be High Quality, Quickly Made, and Affordable 

Television Commercial -Commercials that have aired on locally or national television usually 30 seconds or 60 seconds
Pitch Videos- New Business Pitches are videos made to convince a new client to use your video production services. Pitch Videos are sample videos pitched to a current client for an idea for a commercial
Public Service Announcements- or PSAs are videos that are intended to promote a good cause
Political - Campaign Videos For local, state, or National Elections
Independent Feature- Length (Around 2 Hours) from a non Blockbuster Company
Short Films- Films Ranging From 5 minutes to 1 hour
TV Shows-  Shows that have been Locally, Statewide, or Nationally Aired
News Programs- Locally Aired News Programs
Music Videos-
Video that features a musical Artist's Song

Weddings- Ceremony and Reception
Concerts- Multi-Cam Filming of live concerts
Sports Events- Filming of Sports Event from A truck crew
Other Events- Other Activities not categorized in the other groups
Promotional Videos- are videos promoting upcoming events
Internal Videos- Videos that are sent to the rest of the company and investors to show how sales are and other Updates
Press Releases- Videos telling formally addressing the public of the companies' positive or negative news
Informational VIdeos- Internal video talking about a product the company sells
Meetings- A public copy of the meeting notes.